The "Soltice" cycle

“Semyon’s Day”

Carrying out time:
September 10 – October 10
The time for harvesting is here at last! Country people harvest in the fields, and do everything as the tradition tells: the kirn is treated with special respect and care, decorated and put in the beautiful (krasny) corner… And on the Semyon’s day, flies should be “buried” for the winter.

“Intercession of the Holy Virgin” (“Pokrov-Batyushka”)

Carrying out time:
October 5 - 20
Intercession of the Holy Virgin is one of the essential holy days in the fall. Girls who had been looking forward for a wedding used to say, “The Father Curtain (Pokrov), cover the earth with snow, and me with a bridegroom." Then they started waiting for matchmakers to visit. And later on, the time of joyful weddings would come.

Zinoviy the Tomtit (sinichnik)

Carrying out time:
The second half of November
Zinoviy the Tomtit or the Tomtit Day is an ancient holiday. The tomtit had been considered the luck bird in Russia. “The tomtit cheeps for a reason: it tells the winter and invites frosts.” The ancient tradition told to put out bird tables to feed birds this day.

Kuzminki Fall Festival: “The Fall Death Feast”

Carrying out time:
The second half of November
Peasants believed that in mid-November invisible guests Kuzma and Demian appear in their villages, taste their porridge and wish well to the farmers; that’s why they are welcome in every house.

“Christmas merrymaking”

Carrying out time:
January 7-19
Everything is possible in the time from Christmas to Epiphany. You come to an izba with Christmas merrymaking, and it is really “hot” there! The have fun, circle dancing and hopping.

“The Nativity Scene”

Carrying out time:
Christmas is an original religious holiday. It is a time of miracles, magic and joy. The Savior has come to the world, and life of every person got filled with spiritual sense…

“You will spend the whole year just as you meet Maslenitsa”

Carrying out time:
The butter (pancake) week
Since the old times, people used to say, “You will spend the whole year just as you meet Maslenitsa.” And where it would be the best place to meet Maslenitsa than in a Russian village with its fluffy snow and a well-heated room with good pancakes and tea from a samovar.

“Forties” (Soroki)

Carrying out time:
March 9 - 22
At the “forties,” the day and night cope. Birds bring the spring on their wings. And larks are the first to come.

“The Light Eastertime”

Carrying out time:
April 5 - 25
The brightest and the solemnest holiday has come. Even the Sun is shining more radiantly. There are so many things to be accomplished today!

“Yegoriy’s Day”

Carrying out time:
April 23 – May 6
“There is no spring in the Holy Russia without Yegoriy.”