“Intercession of the Holy Virgin” (“Pokrov-Batyushka”)

Carrying out time: 

September 10 – October 10

The time for harvesting is here at last! Country people harvest in the fields, and do everything as the tradition tells: the kirn is treated with special respect and care, decorated and put in the beautiful (krasny) corner… And on the Semyon’s day, flies should be “buried” for the winter.

The program includes: acquaintance with the kirn (dozhinki) ceremony, the ritual of “curling beard,” bringing the kirn (the last sheaf) in the izba, exercising funny spells and sentences for the “flies funeral,” and carving little coffins of potatoes and carrots.

The program goes for 90 minutes.

Number of group: 15-30 people.

Cost per person:

Children, students, pensioners, disable persons - 150 rub.

Adults - 250 rub.