«The right to have a fate»

«The right to have a fate» project is an attempt based on a rich local material to reflect on a common man's role in the history of the village and to show that the village at the turn of XIX - XX centuries is not only a place for the reproduction of traditional culture but also the place where different human fates met.

«Following the Roads of Griffins And Lotus Lands»

The project “Following the Roads of Griffins and Lotus Lands” will take you to the journey across the Vologda land into the world of archaic and traditional peasant beliefs about being and happiness. Once folk fantasy inhabited this land with wonderful birds and mythical creatures. Now you can meet them only in “lotus lands” of museum art collections, which are ready to introduce you with the unique Russian North paintings.

"We gathered and resolved..."

The "We Gathered and Resolved..." project was among 13 the best museum projects according to the decision of jury of competition "The Changing Museum in the Changing World" of Charity foundation of V. Potanin following the results of 2012. At present the system of the power including rural power is important for society. There are the museums connected with political history and its separate aspects; the expositions devoted to certain representatives of the rural power, to their biographies, achievements. But we haven't the museums which are showing structure of the rural power and the relation of peasants to the power in pre-revolutionary Russia in a complex.

«Museum Encounter»

The "Museum Encounter» project is an appeal to younger audience primarily, because they cannot conceive of their life is without the Internet, Innovative IT-technologies, which used to getting knowledge effortlessly. The spirit of adventure, the atmosphere of excitement, romance and competition underlying the new educational games would assist comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the museum.

“Preservation of the Russian House in the Russian North”

The “Preservation of the Russian House in the Russian North” Project had been under implementation in 2011-2012 at the expense of the Grant of the American Ambassadors’ Fund for Cultural Preservation and budget funds of the Vologda Region.

Disappearing masterpieces

Historically wooden constructions defined shape of the majority of villages and the cities of Russia. Now this huge layer of construction and art culture is on the verge of a total disappearance...

Semyonkovo - the Storeroom of secrets of Father Frost

The museum "Semyonkovo" held competition of children's drawing to the fairy tale "Semyonkovo — the Storeroom of Secrets of Father Frost".

Open Heart

The project on the basis of the Architectural and ethnographic museum of the Vologda region, carried out together with Orphanage No. 4 of Vologda Municipal Educational Institution. I was implemented in 2007-2008.