About the museum

Vologda Open Air Museum of Architecture and Ethnography (Semenkovo) welcomes you to the world of northern Russian village of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Here you can get the first-hand experience of Russian traditions, attitudes and cultural background.
The museum was established on December 14, 1978, by a resolution of the Vologda Regional Council of People’s Deputies “On Establishment of the Vologda Regional Museum of Wooden Architecture” on 98.6 ha of designated estate.  More info...

Vologda Open Air Museum of Architecture and Ethnography is a federal cultural property site. The ensemble of wooden architecture of the late 19th and the early 20th centuries has the status of a Federal Historical and Cultural Memorial (Russian Federation Presidential Edict № 176 of February 20, 1995).Presently, architectural memorial buildings of the 1850s – 1910s are located onsite the museum.  They had been moved here from three localities in the Mid-Sukhona sector of the Vologda Region: the Nyuksenitsa, Tarnoga, and Totma Districts. More info...

The museum presents a model of the traditional Russian northern village in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. All houses were moved to the museum from the north-east part of the Vologda Region (from the central Sukhona River area). 

It should be pointed out that the Russian North is a very special region. Because of its geographical location (hairy woods and severe climate), this territory had never been influenced by any other peoples.  Besides this, the area was quite remote from state authorities, and for this reason, people were more free and independent and proved to be capable of preserving traditional Russian culture.


Проект «Наши крестьянские будни» - победитель XI конкурса проектов «Музеи Русского Севера» Благотворительной программы компании «Северсталь» по итогам конкурсного отбора 2020 года.

«The right to have a fate» project is an attempt based on a rich local material to reflect on a common man's role in the history of the village and to show that the village at the turn of XIX - XX centuries is not only a place for the reproduction of traditional culture but also the place where different human fates met.

Winner of Museums of the Russian North Award 2015. Trough establishing networking cooperation and developing interacting forms between museums there will be offered a new interesting product on the Vologda tourist market, addressed to individual tourists, Russian North funs and explorers, to all, interested in traditional folk art.

Winner of grant competition of Fund of the American ambassadors for preservation of cultural heritage of State Department of the United States of America.

The winner of the Third Open grant competition "Museums of the Russian North" , founded JSC Severstal, in the nomination "Information Technologies in the Museum" following the results of 2012 became the Museum Encounter project .

The winner of the competition "The Changing Museum in the Changing World" of Charity foundation of V. Potanin following the results of 2012 became the We, Having Gathered, Decided project in the nomination "Technologies of a Museum Expoziiya".