"We gathered and resolved..."

At present the system of the power including rural power is important for society. There are the museums connected with political history and its separate aspects; the expositions devoted to certain representatives of the rural power, to their biographies, achievements. But we haven't the museums which are showing structure of the rural power and the relation of peasants to the power in pre-revolutionary Russia in a complex.

The exposition will be founded on the extensive historical and ethnographic material. Therefore this exposition will be especially attractive to experts of various profile (historians, anthropologists, political scientists, sociologists, etc.).

Purposes and tasks of the project


  1. Assistance to development of institutes of civil society, democracy in Russia.
  2. Formation of a reliable image of the northern Russian village of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.



  • to demonstrate the system of country public management of the late 19th and early 20th centuries as an example of functioning of institute of direct democracy;
  • to make a cycle of the video topics devoted to questions of country police service;
  • to create an interactive museum exposition "We gathered and resolved";
  • to go in to  a partnership with authorities and public organizations of the Vologda region;
  • to create a platform of public dialogue;
  • to create interactive programs, role-playing games on country public management.

Short summary of the project

Current legislation allows and sometimes provokes citizens of Russia to participate in the activity of the government. However people don't have an experience, practice, examples of participation in the institutes of the government and civil society.

The public country management of thelate 19th and early 20th centuries can be a unique example of institutes functioning of the direct democracy.

In the course of interaction of the legislation and traditional culture the unique control system which was based on special understanding  of categories  "family", "society", "service" by peasants was created.

In the course of archive work more than 1000 documents of the coutry origin was revealed. They haven't been introduced into scientific circulation - applications, official explanations earlier. 

The exposition "We gathered and resolved" will take place in a monument of architecture of the XIX century which was transferred from Bor village, Nyuksensky area. It's the V.V. Khrapov house. Display areas will be about 230 sq.m.

The choice of the exposition location isn't accidental. The eminent person lived here. Osip Stepanovich Khrapov was a village headman and the trustee of Bogoyavlensky national library. The history of the house is a powerful argument for creation the exposition according the declared subject.

The expositions like a "The public apartment", "Rural school" and "We gathered and resolved" (interactive) were placed in the V.V. Khrapov House.


  • The head - D. A. Mukhin, Head of the Research and Exposition Department. 
  • The coordinator - N. O. Kirshina, the manager of the museum "semenkovo" . General coordination of the project.
  • The artist – E.A. Speshilov  
  • Technical providing the project - S.A. Ankudinov Head of the Restoration and Construction Department
  • Financial administration of the project – E.A.Voronina, the deputy chief accountant of the Vologda S Museum - preserve of History, Architecture and Decorative Arts.


The "We Gathered and Resolved" project ranked among 13 the best museum projects according to the decision of jury of competition "The Changing Museum in the Changing World" of Charity foundation of V. Potanin following the results of 2012. More info..