«The right to have a fate»

The purpose of the project:

Formation of a holistic authentic image of the northern Russian village of the late XIX century on account of inclusion in the exposition and interactive series of topics related to the personal stories of the peasants.

Tasks of the project:

  • Reveal in the archives of Vologda, Veliky Ustyug and Arkhangelsk documents of peasant origin;
  • Look for adequate forms for the inclusion of peasants' personal stories in the expositions of the ethnographic museum;
  • Development of scenarios on the basis of documents and their introduction into the interactive activities of the museum;

preparation of interpreters capable of competently translating the tradition.

The target audience:

  • •«unorganized» museum visitors, for whom new forms of interaction with the museum exposition and conditions for cognitive and emotional immersion in this era are being created;
  • •specialists, students in the field of humanities. The project is a way to demonstrate the ability to analyze personal stories for the interpretation of current socio-economic processes.


Created public goods:

  • The route «The land is full of rumors» will create the effect of the presence of life in museum houses.
  • An «Anthropological performance» will be staged in the museum as well as outside (museum tours in the Vologda region). It will become a kind of calling card and a way to transmit a broad understanding of traditional folk culture.
  • The interactive ethnographic program «The right to have a fate», under which the personal histories of the Vologda peasants «revive» in the museum.
  • «The Saturday forum» is a new form of two-step communication with a visitor, in which a document is presented on the museum’s website for review, followed by a lively discussion in the museum.
  • «The school of museum interpretation» for people interested in traditional folk culture.


The project team:

  • Natalia Kirshina – the coordinator of the project «The right to have a fate».
  • Dmitry Mukhin – the author of the project «The right to have a fate».
  • Stepan Ankudinov – the technical support of the project «The right to have a fate».