«Museum Encounter»

September 16th, 2013 the "Museum Enconter» game started, which was a result of the implementation of the project of the same name! You need to register on the game resource project www.me.semenkovo.ru  for participating in the game.

The winner of the game was waiting for a worthy reward from a partner project of "Mobile TeleSystems" - a modern pad or Smartphone. 

The problem of search to transfer knowledge about the historical past of Russia and northern Russian village late 19th and early 20th centuries is acute. Visitors of the Museum at the age from 14 to 30 years old are the minor part (15%) of visitors. Although the analysis of official site metrics (at the age from 18 to 34 years old) indicated greater interest in the museum (about 69 %). 

The younger generation reared by the Internet is not able to concentrate for a long time and to gain knowledge in the "boring and annoying" forms offered by the museum, such as the " excursion "  or "lecture", etc.The "Museum Encounter» project is an appeal to younger audience primarily, because they cannot conceive of their life is without the Internet, Innovative IT-technologies, which used to getting knowledge effortlessly. The spirit of adventure, the atmosphere of excitement, romance and competition underlying the new educational games would assist comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the museum. 

Project Objectives 

- to create a new image of the museum as an innovative, affordable, understandable and attractive object to younger audiences. 


1.Development of alternative way of cognitive activity in the museum with the assistance of modern information technologies through conducting Homepage game project "Museum Encounter»; 

2.Development of information Internet resource museum "Semyonkovo" (site, a mobile version of the site, virtual tours);

3.Establishment of a navigation system in the museum "Semyonkovo" (navigation boards with QR-codes, free Wi-Fi zone) - the basis for the independent information visitors. 
Expected results at the end of the project: 

1.Created gaming resource  - the "Museum Encounter» project which was a platform for modeling of future games on various subjects, the basic of the project with gaming technology; 

2.Tested and analyzed the experience of interaction with the youth audience in the new format. Positive response to the invitation of the Museum "learn playfully"; 

3.Set up a free Wi-Fi zone in the museum "Semyonkovo"; 

4.Introduced a mobile version of the site that allows you to gain access to the information resources of the Museum using mobile devices; 

5.An expanded version of a virtual 3D-tour, complete with 15 spherical panoramas 3d-help text; 

6.Gave the access to information and navigation system to  visitors in the museum (the appearance at the museum 16 navigation boards with 80 QR-codes, with information, photos, and audio materials); 7.Attract new audiences to the museum (active users of mobile technology, the inhabitants of the neighboring regions).

The project team

Natalya Kirshina  - overall management and coordination of the project, director of the museum "Semyonkovo"; 

Stepan Ankudinov  - technical support for the project, Head of the Restoration and Construction Department of the Museum "Semyonkovo";

Julia Chernousova - PR-project management, fundraising, Researcher, the Tours and Education Department of the Museum "Semyonkovo";

Natalia Efimova  - selection the materials and the development of information texts for information and navigation system, Researcher, the development Department of the Museum "Semyonkovo";

Alexey Yuzhakov  - the technical implementation of the project, author and developer of 3d-tour of the museum "Semyonkovo";

Design Studio Valeria Malinowski - partner of the museum to develop the visual style of the project, the author of the calendar 2013. 

The "Museum Encounter» project is the winner of the Third Open grant competition "Museums of the Russian North" in the "Information Technology at the Museum" at the end of 2012. More info..