Disappearing masterpieces

The Disappearing Masterpieces project got support of the European Union within the program of development of cultural cooperation of EU and Russia.

For implementation of the project directed on preservation of unique monuments of wooden architecture, the "Support of Monuments of Wooden Architecture" Fund, NPO "Makhaon Interneshenel" (Slovakia), the Valashsky museum open-air (Czech Republic), Kenozersky and Vodlozersky national parks, the Architectural and ethnographic memorial estate "Ludorvay" (Republic of Udmurtia), the Architectural and ethnographic museum of the Vologda region "Semenkovo", Kizhm and Oshevenskoye's northern villages united.

Historically wooden constructions defined shape of the majority of villages and the cities of Russia. Now this huge layer of construction and art culture is on the verge of a total disappearance. The urgent need ripened to draw public attention and the authorities to a tragic condition of monuments and to modern methods of their restoration and preservation.

As the known researcher of architecture M. V. Nashchokina wrote: "The construction type, and huge part of national culture which makes today the absolute value of any developed European state which is well understanding that savings of the traditional rural and city dwelling – one of major cases of self-esteem of the nation and almost the most evident sign of its right for the occupied territory leaves not simply".
Within the project it is planned to create a photoexposition and the Disappearing Masterpieces website directed on drawing attention of the public, a business community, the authorities and professional community to surprising heritage of Russia – wooden architecture, and to modern methods of its restoration and preservation.

The ceremonial opening of a photoexposition will take place in the National museum of the Czech Republic in Prague, then the exhibition will return to Russia and will be exhibited at Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Petrozavodsk, Izhevsk.

Today wooden monuments don't attract sufficient interest of general public. To attract public interest to heritage of wooden architecture, it is necessary to form the attractive, "live" historical and cultural environment round monuments. The specialists of the partner organizations who are engaged in preservation of monuments of wooden architecture, will have an opportunity to study experience of the colleagues from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in application of the live methods, interesting interpretation of monuments of wooden architecture, and will try to put this experience into practice.

Now the majority of the monuments collected in national parks ethnographic villages and the museums open-air are in bad condition and demand urgent restoration. However for performance of these works sharply there are no masters of due qualification. The majority of monuments have to be restored with application of historical carpentry technologies which within the project will be described, and then are widespread in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and technical schools where train restoration architects.

During implementation of the project in Kenozero National Park the camp seminar on which carpenters and restorers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia for an exchange of experience in application of historical carpentry technologies will gather will be organized. The international team of masters will work over creation of two objects of Architectural park "Kenozersky Spillikins"" - a unique architectural and landscape exposition. Representing the reduced copies of the most significant monuments of cult and civil architecture of Kenozerya. The foundation of creation of Architectural park was laid within the Kenart project - the European cultural bridge", also supported by the European Commission in 2009 - 2010.

The project in the territory Kenozerya where world experience of protection complete historical and cultural and environment of dwelling of monuments of wooden architecture will be considered will come to the end with scientific and practical conference. Conference will be dated for 20-year anniversary of Park.

We invite to cooperation of all to whom the destiny of heritage of wooden architecture of Russia isn't indifferent.