“We shall build our house and live in it!”

Peasants’ houses stood in the Russian North like overland ships. The master carpenters knew what tree to choose, what instrument to work with on a log. They had been building reliably and for centuries. Everyone should have a place in such a house, animals living next to people. But the house is so big, and people are so small compared to it. How can we see a house from the top, inside and outsides? A model of a peasant’s house will help us do this in an inter-active tour “We shall build our house and live in it.”

In the course of the tour its participants will take part in a quiz on wood species, show their skills in using carpenter tools; they will see the layout of a farmer’s house at the example of the model and reinforce their knowledge in the museum exhibitions: residential and house holding premises of one of the house-memorials of wooden architecture of the late 19th – early 20th centuries.

The program goes for 45 minutes

Group size: 20-25 persons

Cost of the ticket per visitor of general category: 100 rubles.