A.I. Popova House

A.I. Popova  House (late 18th century)
From the village Vnukovo, Velikodvorsky Rural Area, Totma District.
Specialists of the Spetcproectrestavratsia Institute (Moscow) identified the building in 1979 in the course of a field survey of the Totma and Nyuksenitsa Districts. It was transferred to the museum premises in 1988.
The A.I. Popova House is a house - cattle yard built in one row with a developed six-wall bond-type residential section (izba + zaulok + izba).  The housing is composed of two log structures of approximately same size placed in about 1.8m from each other.  An internal staircase leads to the bridge (seni) inside the zaulok  inner space.  The house has two entrances, from the main and side façades, and the cattle yard of the same width with the ramp placed in the center of the rear façade.
Rich decoration of the main façade with a space under the fronton (zalobnik) at the level of the attic balcony, carved high architraves, and shutters were quite typical for decorative design in the southern parts of the middle-Sukhona region.
Dimensions: 14.7 x 20.6m.
Project authors: Architects E.A. Petsukevich and E.A. Velikotskaya.
The restoration project proposed full reconstruction of the cattle yard, some decorative elements of the main façade, the original porch, and some elements of traditional interiors.