N.M.Yurov House

N.M.Yurov House (late 19th century)
From the village Kriulya, Markushevsky Rural Area, Tarnoga District.
Specialists of the Spetcproectrestavratsia Institute (Moscow) identified the building in 1982 in the course of a field survey of the Tarnoga District. It was transferred to the museum premises in 1993. 
The N.M. Yurov House is a  house -cattle yard built in one row with a six-wall residential section - "twin rooms" (izba+summer izba) and a cattle yard of the same width. 
The residential section consists of the winter izba located on the right-hand side of the façade and the summer izba located on the left-hand side. The summer izba is smaller than the log structure of the winter room. The winter izba initially was chimneyless as shows an opening for a smoke way in the back side. 
Window frames of this house are a special feature of this house; they had been restored by the sample of the only inner sash in the corner of the façade of the log structure. Another interesting feature of the façade decoration was a console balcony: the overhanging beams for it had been walled up along with the log structure; however, the owner had never accomplished either the balcony, or the attic.   
The house and cattle yard complex has a nailless plank curb roof of special traditional chicken-gutter construction. A one-pole porch with dual-slope locker roof had been restored by the preserved joints adjacent to the side façade.  
Dimensions: 11.8 x 18.8 m.
Project author: Architect O.N. Pershina.
The original porch and some missing elements of the cattle yard have been restored based on a whole complex of research studies.