A.E. Bolotova House

A.E. Bolotova House (late 19th – the early 20th centuries) 
From the village Korolevskaya, Nizhneuftyugky Rural Area, Nyuksenitsa District.
Specialists of the Spetcproectrestavratsia Institute (Moscow) identified the building in 1979 in the course of a field survey of the Totma and Nyuksenitsa Districts. It was transferred to the museum premises in 1985.
    The A.E. Bolotova House is a modified  house - cattle yard complex in one row with a six-wall residential section (izba gornitsa) and attached to it setback small winter room.   
    Initially, this house was a complex of a log house with a four-wall chimneyless (kurnaya) izba in the residential part (the first half of the 19th century) of the building.  Later on, at the turn of 19th – 20th century, a gornitsa and a horsebox of the cattle yard were attached to it with a winter chamber alongside them.  The porch is located at the side façade of the house.  The traditional high porch is founded on two pillars and is covered by a locker roof.  The major façade of the house is accented with the balcony of the upper room; it is richly decorated with sawed carving of the fences with fine carved columns and a three-part lagged under-balcony ceiling with shingles on its bow members. The roof overhang is decorated with carved façade boards (prichelinas) with so-called towels.
    Dimensions of the house-yard complex: 11.3 x 21.23m; of the small winter room: 8.4 x 6.4m.
Project author: Architect V.V. Ovchinnikova.
The restoration project included full reconstruction of the memorial in accordance with the newest construction period, the late 19th – the early 20th century: restoration of the original log construction of the small winter room and most of the cattle yard, window openings in the residential part of the house in their initial dimensions; full restoration of the side façade porch; restoration of the façade decorations and elements of roofing and missing details of the interiors.