Kochkin House

I.I. Kochkin House (second half of the 18th  century)
From the village Andreevskaya, Markushevsky Rural Area, Tarnoga District
Specialists of the Spetcproectrestavratsia Institute (Moscow) identified the building in 1982 in the course of a field survey of the Tarnoga District. It was transferred to the museum premises in 1987.
The I.I. Kochkin House is a  house - cattle yard complex in one row with a six-wall residential section: an izba and a gornitsa (chamber). The house is built on a high ground floor; which is higher under the room than the one under the izba. The ground floor has two floorings with an air space between them. The side façade has an airway between rows of logs made by rough timber hewing.  This airway provided for the ventilation of the room and leveled the temperature in it with the environment, which allowed to use inner space of the room for winter storing of food products. 
The Kochkin House in the museum exposition gives a clear visual idea of the progress of country residences with the time. Initially, there was only a four-wall chimneyless (kurnaya) izba. Later on, a log room would be attached to it and the cattle yard expanded.
Dimensions of the house-yard complex: 10.0 x 16.4 m.
Project author: Architect V.V. Ovchinnikova.
The restoration project included full restoration of the cattle yard and the side façade porch; restoration of the decorative elements of the roof, kurnaya izba and construction of the wooden smoke way and smoke bonnet over the roof.