Slobodina House

E.D. Slobodina House  (late 19th century)
From Podlipnoe Village, Velikodvorsky Rural Area, Totma District
Specialists of the Spetcproectrestavratsia Institute (Moscow) identified the building in 1979 in the course of a field survey of the Totma and Nyuksenitsa Districts. In 1987, it was moved onsite the museum.
The E.D.Slobodina House is a  house - cattle yard complexin one row; it has a four-wall izba  in the residential section of the house built on a high ground-floor and a hay shed attached to its side and combined under the same roof with a common-type porch with a strait stair.
Window apertures are richly decorated with carved details with solar motives and panel-type shutters. Such window ornaments were typically used for decorating windows of residential premises in southern areas of the former Totma District.
Dimensions of the house: 5.2 x 13.0m; height of the log construction amounts to 5.2m, and of the roof ridge to 7.7 m.
Project author: Architect L.S. Zakharova.
Based on a whole complex of field studies, the restoration design provided for reconstruction of the original elements of the residential rooms, the household yard with the hay shed and the porch.