Prophet Elijah Chapel

Prophet Elijah Chapel from  the village Grigorovskaya, Kolengsky area, Verhovazhye district
It was identified in 1990 during the survey expedition of Verkhovazhye district. Initially the Chapel had four-wall log construction under two-slope roof with a porch-gallery along the western wall. At the end of the XIXth century the log construction of the Chapel was planked with batten and also, a belfry was added to it.
Prophet Ilya's Chapel was restored by restoration project in 1999 according to the initial period of building: a small four-wall construction with the only window at the southern facade. The Chapel has a dual-slope roof and a dome with a cross planked with a ploughshare. The porch has a one-slope roof. This object is related to the most typical of small village chapels.
The dimensions of the Chapel in the plan axis are: 4,9х4,7 m.
The author of the restoration project: O.N. Pershina.