V.N. Kopylov House

V.N. Kopylov House (1881)
From the village Korostilevo, Korobitsino Rural Area, Syamzha District.
Specialists of the Spetcproectrestavratsia Institute (Moscow) identified the building in 1980 in the course of a field survey of the Syamzha District. It was transferred to the museum premises in 2009.
The V.N. Kopylov House is a house - cattle yard complex with a five-wall residential section (izba + izba) built in one row with a four-wall log structure of winter residence at the level of the seni ground floor set out at the south side façade.  A huge space of the cattle yard at the ground floor and a hayloft above are placed behind the residential part of the house.  The front part of the house has a log attic with a small balcony above the residential section.   
The log structures of the cattle yard are covered with curb roofs with level difference at the ridge:  the roof of the residential part of the house is elevated over the adjacent roof of the cattle yard. 
Decoration of the main façade was made with non-traditional for the major bulk of farm houses elements of order architecture. They are present in the decoration of the roof overhangs with dentils of diverse forms and profiled elements of the cornices and roof friezes.  The upper part of the main façade was accented with a drain ledge with broad offset, on which a balcony with a fence of chiseled balusters is placed, visually fixing the corners with large carved wooden vases installed on decorative paneled stands. The frieze board has an inscription: “1881: this is Vasily Kopylov’s house”.
Dimensions: 13 х 28m.
Project author: Architect S.V. Gelfer.
The restoration project included full restoration of the cattle yard and the fully missing porch; restoration of some decorative elements of the main façade with reinstatement of the missing details, and painting of decorative elements of the roofs, the balcony, and window apertures including restoration of the dating inscription on the frieze board; restoration of the interior elements with decoration of the inner partitions of the summer izba.