The Vologda Butter Museum

N.M. Yurov house dates from the late 18th century.
The Vologda Butter Museum is located in  here. Russians knew about the butter since the ancient times. They used to melt the butter to keep it for selling.  Themselves, they would treat them with butter only on holidays. It took time to prove to northern folks profitability of improved sorts of butter production in the Vologda province, to set their households in a new way, for the better of the families and their wealth.
Exhibit items, documents, and accompanying historic anecdotes at the Vologda Butter Museum will tell you the story of the butter industry progress.
Excursion duration: 40 minutes – 1 hour.

Number of group: to 30 people.

Cost per person:

Preschool children - 30 rub.

Children - 50 rub.

Students, pensioners, disable persons - 75 rub.

Adults - 150 rub.


Also the Museum "Semenkovo" offers the interactive program "The butter doesnt' make itself". You can get more information about it   in the section "Services — Interactive Programs — The “One Day of Village Life” cycle".

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