Tree of Life

U.Y. Pudova House house dates from the late 18th century.
The “Tree of Life” exposition is shown here.
An ancient legend tells that the World is a Tree.  Its trunk is the axis of the Universe, its roots are going into the mother-earth, and the head of the tree had fallen into pieces and turned into sky stars. Since the ancient times, villages had been built of wood; the wood was heating and feeding people.  The tree had its enigma: every year, it would come to life and then die. Along with the tree, the entire nature would come to life and then die.  The exposition will introduce the visitor to the farmers’ vision of the world around, traditional ceremonies, and show how this had been shown in the folk arts and crafts.  

Excursion duration: 40 minutes – 1 hour.

Number of group: to 30 people.

Cost per person:

Preschool children - 30 rub.

Children - 50 rub.

Students, pensioners, disable persons - 75 rub.

Adults - 150 rub.

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