Carrying out time: 
Round the year

If you decided to move to a new house, please remember, that it is vital to follow rules and traditions. You cannot do this without a rooster and a cat, and other subtleties…

The program includes: telling the story of the traditions and superstitions associated with construction of a new house; acquaintance with a farmer’s family at the time of their moving to a new house; exploration of the new housing, i.e., rolling the bread, money-spreading, gifting the new occupants, treating with kvass (mildly alcoholic drink made of fermented rye bread, yeast or berries) and bier.

The program goes for 90 minutes.

Group number: 15-30 people.

Cost per person:

Children, students,  pensioners, disable persons - 150 rub;

adults - 250 rub.

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