“Family. Hunting”

Carrying out time: 
Round the year

You will meet with the lady of a big house. You might very well see the hunter at home as well. He is quite a private man, with unsociable temper, short spoken. But if you get on the right side, he would share his secrets and tell you hunter’s stories.

The program includes: acquaintance with the expositions of the Bolotova, Kochkin, and Slobodina houses; small talk with thelady of the house about particularities of farmers’ life, roles of men and women in the family, traditions of raising children, and an interview with her brother the hunter, who would show his trophies.

The program goes for 90 minutes.

Duration: 1.5 hours.

Group number: 15-30 people.

Cost per person:

Children, students,  pensioners, disable persons - 150 rub;

adults - 250 rub.

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