“The butter doesn’t make itself”

Carrying out time: 
Round the year

A good manager lives in our village. He has a separator, his best help in his future business. He has a dream to start a dairy, and a big one at that, to bring in milk from the entire vicinity and make cream and butter of it. So, he has bought a new cow…

The program includes: meeting with the hosts of the house, acquaintance with the cattle yard and traditions of attending cattle, working fresh butter and tasting buttermilk and butter.

The program goes for 60 minutes.

Group number: 15 – 35 people.

Cost per person:

Children, students,  pensioners, disable persons - 200 rub;

adults - 300 rub.

During the winter period at a temperature on the street below 20 degrees Celsius event isn't held.

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