Игры-путешествия по станциям

"Cows low, on will want"

Carrying out time: 
April - May
Here I came it is time to expel in the field a skotinka – Egoryev came day. Hozyayushka has to as the tradition learns to sprinkle a korovushka with grain with a sentence. Only trouble: all grain at Katerina ended. Help it!

"On fantastic tracks"

Carrying out time: 
the end of December - the beginning of January
Conceived powers of darkness: I am ferocious winter with a summer hot to mix, fill with darkness and despondency on the earth the mother. I cleared up Dirty outright: the people confuse, are naughty … Only the miracle can prevent to come true to artful plans Dirty! However, the roll with a magic spell of Father Frost completely was gone … Only all together, having gone to a way on a fantastic track, it is possible to find treasured words of a spell.

Autumn the help year feed

Carrying out time: 
Lives - the kind and spravny hostess Matrona lives in Semenkovo's village. She likes guests to welcome, welcome. Here only what guests, when on a threshold harvesting? Just right to ask for help, to invite assistants. After all not without reason speak: "A crop not from God's favor, and from amicable work".
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