"Cows low, on will want"

Carrying out time: 
April - May

Here I came it is time to expel in the field a skotinka – Egoryev came day. Hozyayushka has to as the tradition learns to sprinkle a korovushka with grain with a sentence. Only trouble: all grain at Katerina ended. Help it! Helping countrymen, you will be able to earn semenkovsky рублики on which she will buy grain.

In the program:
master class on coloring of cows, мультмарафон, tasting of dairy products, game on a barabanka, a quiz on the subject "Pets", spring relays in the fresh air, outdoor national games, etc.

Filling of stations depends on group number.

Action duration: 2 - 2,5 hours.

Group number: from 150 people to 300 people.

The cost of the ticket is at 1 person:

120 rub – children's

150 rub - the adult


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