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Carrying out time: 

Lives - the kind and spravny hostess Matrona lives in Semenkovo's village. She likes guests to welcome, welcome. Here only what guests, when on a threshold harvesting? Just right to ask for help, to invite assistants. After all not without reason speak: "A crop not from God's favor, and from amicable work".

Come on a visit to Matrona. On a derevnyushka you will walk, you will visit one hostess, the ability show, dexterity and sharpness show. Difficult tests wait for you.

In the program:

• "Be braided a wattle fence" - wattle fence production;
• Workshop of the dyer – a master class on a mezensky list;
• "Sharpness" - tasks with ancient measures of scales, length and monetary units;
• "Any thing the place" - a quiz on instruments of labor;
• "Help" - relay with grain;
•  Multmarafon;
• "At whom the rye, that owner is good" - a quiz on grain crops;
• "To business time, a fun – hour" - game station.And "I terminated business – walk safely" – Matrona and will sing the song, and to game new will teach. For your help will thank – to tea sweet yes an entertainment of everyone will treat.

Carrying out time: the second half of September - the beginning of OctoberProgram duration: 1,5 - 2 hours;

Category of visitors: children and adults;

Minimum number of group: 150 people.

Maximum number of group: 200 people;

Program cost at the rate on 1 person:

Preschool children, school students, students, pensioners - 120 rub.The general category - 150 rub.

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