New Year's evenings

Carrying out time: 
December - January

There live in Semenkovo's village kind yes spravny hostesses – Nyura with Stesha. They like guests to welcome – as will hear that in the village guests, so since the morning at the furnace strive, pies bake and for kind people wait. And how many songs, games, humourous catchphrases know, not to count.

Hostesses didn't manage to turn-look back, and and New year is knocked by a white snowball on a window. To this time Father Frost with the Snow Maiden in this world go, kind people good mood are given. And where the holiday, there and dirty with the intrigues doesn't doze …
It was necessary such to happen - the Wood goblin conceived to marry, to woo the Baba-yaga …

Yes only not love at it on heart, and envy yes self-interest! Yagusin's izba attracted! The Izba found out about that and decided to run, up hill and down dale, zastupnichok to look for!

But the fairy tale affects soon and not serious work is done soon …

In the program: national games, ryazheny, a Christmas round dance, dancings and chastushkas under an accordion. Don't forget to rescue the Hut on chicken legs and to light a winter fire in the fantastic wood.

Carrying out time: December - January

Program beginning: 17.30

Program duration: 1,5 - 2 hours;

Category of visitors: adults;

Minimum number of group: 20 people;

Maximum number of group: 35 people;

The cost of the program is at 1 person: 1500 rub.

Dress code: warm (caps, mittens, winter down-padded coats, warm footwear are welcomed! ! ! )

The program assumes a holiday table with wine, the pies, cold appetizers (the organization of a table lies on the Customer).


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