Yurov barn

Yurov barn from village Kriulya, Tarnoga district
Yurov barn is four-wall two-storied grain barn with two zalobniks, a big overhang on the main facade (0, 7 m in axes) and on the back facade (0,3 m). In the plan sizes of this log construction are 3,3 х 3,44 m, the height  is 4,5 m, the height of the zalobnik (by the side wall) is 1,2 m.
This barn is the highest of barns which are transferred to the museum. There is a platform (stage) on the oblong prominent (salient) parts of side logs’ remainders of the side walls in front of the door. The height if this barn to the  zalobnik  is 3,3 m, and to a roof ridge is 5,9 m.