Parygina barn

Parygina barn from village Korolevskaya, Nyuksenitsa district
Parygina barn belongs to the type of four-wall grain barn with two zalobniks. A roof ridge on the roof with two sloping surfaces is transversely to barn’s front door.
In the plan the sizes of  the barn are 3,45 х 3,43 m in the axes, the overhang of this zalobnik above the main facade – 0,75 m, and above the back facade  -0,45 m. This zalobnik is 1,3 m high (7 rows of logs), and the log construction to the ridge roof is 4,4 m high. Inside this barn has suseki (chests), which are along back and side walls. The floor of the zalobnik (flooring of blocks) forms the second floor where the household good were kept.
Parygina barn was found during the expedition by the investigation of Vologda region territory in 1979. It was transferred to the museum in 1985. It’s the first household building in this museum.
The author of this project is architect Y. P. Kalinichenko.