Nesterov barn

Nesterov barn from village Shapsha, Kharovsk district.
Nesterov barn belongs to the type of the public barns, which has two-storied four-wall log construction. This construction is made of the logs with a diameter of 24-28 cm with corners’ junction of wood "in oblo" (put up with the remainders).
These remainders are 16-20 cm long. The log construction’s sizes in the plan are 6, 5х7, 6 m in the axes, 4.6 m in height. This barn consists of 22 log’s rows. The south and the north facades have a log fronton with 7.12 m height to the roof ridge. The exact date of this building is unknown. According to its appearance and traditional details the date of this building can be referred to the end of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century.
The author of this project is architect S.V. Gelfer