Five-wall barn from village Moseevo

Five-wall barn from village Moseevo, Totma district.
The five-wall barn from village Moseevo is a rectangular log construction in the plan with two different storerooms. The sizes in the axes of walls of the log construction’s plan are – 6, 87х4, 15 m. The big storeroom is on the left hand of the main facade and has sizes in axes - 4, 45х4, 15 m.
The small storeroom is on the right hand has sizes in axes - 2, 42х4, 15 m. The big storeroom was used for the keeping grain, and the small one for stuff. Both storerooms are isolated from each other and each of them has a front door that is located on the main facade. There is a platform (stage) with two steps along the full length of the main facade in front of the doors on the oblong lower log’s remainders of the log construction’s side walls. This barn is covered with the gable (ridge) planking roof with cornices (overhangs). They are directed to the side walls. All monument and all its constructive elements are made of the new material.