“Black” banya from village Shangino

“Black” banya  from village Shangino.
The Russian banya is the place where people washed. (It’s heated ‘in a black way' It means that it hasn’t chimney and smoke is inside. After heating, door is opened for a little time).
Banya is a four-wall log construction with waiting room, which is on the vertical blocks under the roof with two sloping surfaces. The total size is 3,3х4,6 m of logs with diameter  20 -24 cm. The entrance is in the center, and waiting room is on the side (right) facade.
The log construction of this banya is made of logs with average diameter 30 cm with remainders which are 22 – 24 cm long (corners’ junction of wood "in oblo"). General number of timber sets is 8.
Inside banya’s  interior is renewed (oven – stove, plank covering for the lain, benches etc.)
All monument and its constructive elements were made of the new material.