Barn from village Zarechie

Barn from village Zarechie, Nyuksenitsa district
The barn from village Zarechie belongs to the type of the four-wall two-storied barns with one zalobnik (a confined space above  the covering of a gallery near barn’s door)  and an arrangement of roof‘s slopes  towards the side facades.
In the plan barn’s log construction is a square with sizes on the axes 3,96 x 3,90 m and the projection of the zalobnik on 0,9 m. This construction is made of logs with a diameter of 23-26 cm with corners’ junction of wood "in oblo" (put up with the remainders). There is a platform (stage) of blocks in 1 m wide on the oblong prominent (salient) parts of longitudinal logs’ remainders of the side walls in front of this barn. Inside the barn is divided by flooring into two levels. There are suseki (chests for keeping grain) on the first floor. The various host’s things were stored on poles which were along the walls on the second floor of the barn.