Household buildings

Parygina barn

Parygina barn from village Korolevskaya, Nyuksenitsa district
Parygina barn belongs to the type of four-wall grain barn with two zalobniks. A roof ridge on the roof with two sloping surfaces is transversely to barn’s front door.

Yermolinskiy lednick (ice house)

Yermolinskiy lednick (ice house) from the village Slobodka, Tarnoga district.
The lednick is the log construction with gently sloping shed roof and with digging pit hardening by boards. The lednick from the village Philyakovo, Totma district is the analogue for this projection.
The original constructive detail of the roof is the log pressure along the edges. It diversifies this ice house.

Ulanov barn from village Zarechie

Ulanov barn from the village Zarechye, Nyuksenitsa district.
Ulanov barn from the village Zarechye belongs to the private grain barns. This barn is one-storied, four-wall and square in the plan.

Ryabinin barn from village Zarechie

Ryabinin barn from village Zarechye, Nyuksenitsa district
Ryabinin barn from village Zarechye belongs to the type of the private grain barns. It’s one-storied, four-wall barn with an attic, without a zalobnik.
Slopes of this roof directed to the side facades. In the plan the sizes of this log construction by logs’ outside are 3, 7х3, 64 m Barn’s log construction to a ridge roof is 3,73 m in height, and by the side walls – 2,65 m in height.

“Black” banya from village Shangino

“Black” banya  from village Shangino.
The Russian banya is the place where people washed. (It’s heated ‘in a black way' It means that it hasn’t chimney and smoke is inside. After heating, door is opened for a little time).
Banya is a four-wall log construction with waiting room, which is on the vertical blocks under the roof with two sloping surfaces. The total size is 3,3х4,6 m of logs with diameter  20 -24 cm. The entrance is in the center, and waiting room is on the side (right) facade.

Five-wall barn from village Moseevo

Five-wall barn from village Moseevo, Totma district.
The five-wall barn from village Moseevo is a rectangular log construction in the plan with two different storerooms. The sizes in the axes of walls of the log construction’s plan are – 6, 87х4, 15 m. The big storeroom is on the left hand of the main facade and has sizes in axes - 4, 45х4, 15 m.

Nesterov barn

Nesterov barn from village Shapsha, Kharovsk district.
Nesterov barn belongs to the type of the public barns, which has two-storied four-wall log construction. This construction is made of the logs with a diameter of 24-28 cm with corners’ junction of wood "in oblo" (put up with the remainders).

Terebova barn

Terebova barn from village Verkhnyaya Gorka, Nyuksenitsa district.
Terebova barn belongs to the type of the farmstead grain four-wall barns with one zalobnik under the roof with two sloping surfaces with overhangs directed to the side facades. This barn has a typical for homestead barns small size.

Yurov barn

Yurov barn from village Kriulya, Tarnoga district
Yurov barn is four-wall two-storied grain barn with two zalobniks, a big overhang on the main facade (0, 7 m in axes) and on the back facade (0,3 m). In the plan sizes of this log construction are 3,3 х 3,44 m, the height  is 4,5 m, the height of the zalobnik (by the side wall) is 1,2 m.

Barn from village Zarechie

Barn from village Zarechie, Nyuksenitsa district
The barn from village Zarechie belongs to the type of the four-wall two-storied barns with one zalobnik (a confined space above  the covering of a gallery near barn’s door)  and an arrangement of roof‘s slopes  towards the side facades.


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