Проект «Наши крестьянские будни» - победитель XI конкурса проектов «Музеи Русского Севера» Благотворительной программы компании «Северсталь». Его идеи являются логичным продолжением курса на комплексное представление крестьянской повседневности в условиях музея под открытым небом.

Цель нового проекта связана с актуализацией опыта и практик северного крестьянства - не только интересных и экзотичных, но и крайне полезных и эффективных сегодня, составляющих часть нашего современного культурного багажа. Люди более 100 лет назад переживали ситуации, понятные нам, сталкивались с проблемами, знакомыми современному человеку, главное – находили пути решения этих сложных вопросов.

«The right to have a fate» project is an attempt based on a rich local material to reflect on a common man's role in the history of the village and to show that the village at the turn of XIX - XX centuries is not only a place for the reproduction of traditional culture but also the place where different human fates met.

The purpose of the project:

Formation of a holistic authentic image of the northern Russian village of the late XIX century on account of inclusion in the exposition and interactive series of topics related to the personal stories of the peasants.

Winner of Museums of the Russian North Award 2015. Trough establishing networking cooperation and developing interacting forms between museums there will be offered a new interesting product on the Vologda tourist market, addressed to individual tourists, Russian North funs and explorers, to all, interested in traditional folk art.


The winner of grant competition of Fund of the American ambassadors for preservation of cultural heritage of State Department of the United States of America - the "We Will Keep the Russian House in the Russian North" project , directed on restoration of the House of Kopylov from the village of Korostelevo in the Museum "Semyonkovo".

The winner of the Third Open grant competition "Museums of the Russian North" , founded JSC Severstal, in the nomination "Information Technologies in the Museum" following the results of 2012 became the Museum Encounter project . 

The winner of the competition "The Changing Museum in the Changing World" of Charity foundation of V. Potanin following the results of 2012 became the We, Having Gathered, Decided project in the nomination "Technologies of a Museum Expoziiya".